10 Facts About Rio Olympics 2016 (Infographic)

By August 4, 2016Infographic Design, Rio 2016
10 Facts About Rio Olympics 2016 Infographic

In 2009, Rio won it’s Olympic bid, beating off stiff competition from other hopefuls Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. Brazil makes Olympic history by becoming the first country in South America to host the Olympic Games.

In typical Olympic fashion, Rio 2016 has been dogged with problems: Brazil is experiencing its worst recession since the 1930s, the Zika virus, the security threats, water pollution threatening the swimming, sailing and rowing events, and not forgetting the Russian doping scandal.

It wouldn’t be an Olympic Games without the preceding drama! Well, the show most go on, and from the 5th August 2016 the Olympic Games will commence. This infographic neatly highlights 10 facts about Rio 2016.

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